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The STOP.SUZUKII project proposes an operational tool to improve premium blueberry production, with high quality fruits and, at the same time, develop new control methods against Drosophila suzukii, based on an integrated pest management and biological agriculture approach.


The main goals of STOP.SUZUKII are to reduce fruit and economical damage caused by D. suzukii, as well as increasing the fruits' storage time to obtain high quality blueberries, without infestations and infections by other opportunistic organisms. To do this, we will focus on five approaches: 

  1. Implement sustainable practices in orchards' management;

  2. Study of D. suzukii overwintering biology and possible non-crop hosts;

  3. Selection of predators/parasitoids and establishment of rearing technologies;

  4. Development of a more efficient, sustainable and selective trap for D. suzukii;

  5. Post-harvest conservation improvement to maintain fruits' premium quality and reduce infestations/infections.