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The spotted wing drosophila (SWD, Drosophila suzukii Matsumura) is a quarantine species in Portugal. Present in Europe since 2008, this invasive species is a pest with special incidence in the red fruit orchards. SWD molecular evolution is indicative as a factor for the large adaptability to new and diverse habitats. Few studies have focused about SWD genome knowledge, to understand the complexity of the mechanisms that may be involved in those adaptation responses. The genomic characterization of different SWD populations in Portugal through DrosuGreen will contribute to disclose this matter. Revelations of potential adaptation mechanisms, for example, winter/diet can contribute to developing new ways to control this pest.
DrosuGreen is a project based on green strategies, that aims to identify agents/compounds of biological origin for SWD control measures. SWD gut microbiome could reveal natural enemies. Entomopathogenic fungi and insecticide peptides (eg., spiders venom) have aroused great interest as biological alternatives to control different pests.
This project will help to reveal the population and epidemiological structure of SWD in Portugal and to develop innovative biocontrol strategies.

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